The Tenth International Internet Education Conference (ICT-Learn 2013)

                                         July 2-4, 2013                         



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Conference themes include:

bullet Institutional and national responses to technological change
bullet The architecture of learning; accessibility; the evolution of the classroom
bullet Pedagogy in the evolving tech environment
bullet Instructional design and delivery; evaluation and assessment
bullet Strategies and tools for teaching and learning, simulations and gaming
bullet Effects on training institutions and industry
bullet Impacts on educational institutions: effects on faculty, staff, administration, and students; curriculum and program development
bullet Intellectual property
bullet Ethical considerations in the use of information technology in teaching and learning
bullet The internationalization of institutions and of education
bullet Open/Distance learning
bullet Building communities of teachers/educators; cooperative learning
bullet Education system and write essays requests
bullet Teacher training

Organized by

Human and technology Development Foundation

July 2-4, 2013
Ramses Hilton HOTEL
Cairo, Egypt